NXpark leadership takes the stage at 2024 Carbon Expo

Jun 12, 2024

June 8, 2024, the 2024 Shanghai International Carbon Neutral Technology Expo has just wrapped up, bringing together leaders from industry, technology, property development and other critical sectors in the APAC region. NXpark took a leading role at this event, which drew 80,000 visitors in total and several hundred leaders from government and corporate leadership. In a highlight of the event, NXpark’s Deputy General Manager, Grace Hong, took the stage to discuss trends in sustainability and digitalization for industrial properties, alongside leaders of several Fortune 500 industrial groups.

In the public presentation, NXpark was joined by other speakers from Carrier, Schneider Electric, Johnson Controls, and the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO).

During her presentation, Grace Hong provided an overview of NXpark’s approach to smart asset management, which is characterized by an especially strong focus on building engineering and digital solutions which allow for lifetime optimization of built assets. She provided several of examples how the industrial properties sector in China is now moving towards deeper integration of engineering, energy infrastructure and building operations, and how NXpark has leveraged this approach through projects spanning over 1 million square meters of industrial property.

Taking Aden’s Xi’an High-end Auto Parts Industrial Park and Wuxi Sino-French Industrial Cooperation Demonstration Park as examples, Grace shared NXpark’s innovations and practical experience in the field of green and low-carbon parks, as well as how the company has utilized digital technologies, such as BIM-BAM-BOOM, to predict in advance at the design, construction and operation stages, and to improve the quality and efficiency of the parks from the perspective of total asset life-cycle management. and construction and operation phases to predict carbon emissions in advance and effectively reduce the negative impact on the environment.

Image source: Shanghai Foreign Investment Association