NXpark signs on to 100M USD smart park project with Suzhou New District

Feb 27, 2024

NXpark and Aden group welcomed leaders from a range of EU-based Fortune 500 companies today including Sanofi, SNCF and Nexans for an event introducing them to the leadership of Suzhou New District (SND), also known as the National High-Tech District. The event gave SND an opportunity to showcase a new international zone of smart and sustainable industry, and for NXpark to highlight new opportunities it has recently achieved for industrial clients in terms of net-zero facilities, asset efficiency and bringing digitalization and data transparency to the full property lifecycle of design, construction and operations.

At this same event, NXpark and SND formally signed an agreement to take next steps on creation of a smart industrial park in the district as part of SND’s new industry 4.0 project. This project will receive 100 million USD in total investment and will be a flagship of smart development in a region which already leads the world for high tech industry and industrial output (48.1 billion USD in 2023).

NXpark will serve as the property developer and asset manager, leveraging the full resources and business ecosystem of parent company Aden Group. As with all NXpark projects, the future development will be undertaken with the highest targets for facility decarbonization, automated collection of ESG data, and sustained asset performance in the face of intensifying environmental conditions. This will be achieved through comprehensive use of the Akila platform throughout the NXpark project, with SND to explore opportunities for wider industrial application. Powered by Akila, NXpark will be able to

  • Use BIM software to design the full property and infrastructure, also creating a base for efficient and faster construction.
  • Apply AI-based simulation to forecast, test and optimize asset performance under normal and stress conditions
  • Track and optimize energy, maintenance and other operations at the park.
  • Provide comprehensive dashboarding for facility, financial and ESG performance.

At the event, Aden Group Co-founder & President Joachim Poylo commented: “Opportunities like these to are precisely why we were inspired to launch NXpark by Aden. Last year, we demonstrated that by strategically applying digital innovation to property engineering, energy, and assets, it is fully possible to achieve net-zero targets and a revolution in asset efficiency. By partnering with one of the world’s premier industrial zones, we are thrilled to make the opportunity for smart and sustainable industry even more achievable and scalable.”