Two NXpark projects earn HQE Design Stage pre-certification

Apr 27, 2023

NXpark by Aden is proud to announce that two of our projects have successfully achieved the HQE Design stage pre-certification. The projects, located in Xi’an and Qingdao, underwent an intensive 12-hour evaluation with HQE Auditor Frédéric Leconte from Certivea, ultimately meeting the rigorous standards of the HQE (Haute Qualité Environnementale – High Environmental Quality) certification, an internationally recognized green building standard originating from France. 

Leveraging the power of our parent company, Aden Group, we have been able to optimize these projects through close collaboration with Aden Energy for energy optimization, energy planning, and energy demand/consumption forecasting. Additionally, we worked with our digital twin partner Akila and their Engineering division for core aspects digitalized building design including BIM modelling, environmental and energy performance simulation. 

To ensure compliance with the HQE standards, we also partnered with TERAO, who played a crucial role working with our project teams to refine the projects’ energy, environment, health, and IEQ aspects. Together, we focused not only on energy and water resources optimization but also on enhancing comfort, optimizing maintenance, and managing waste streams for better operation. 

The first project, NXPark Xi’an, is a net-zero facility that will derive the majority of its energy requirements from solar photovoltaic microgrids, with 51% of the facility’s energy needs being met by solar PV upon opening. The project also features a rainwater recycling tank for reusing rainwater for irrigation, facility waste systems, and more. 

The second project, the  International Business Club France  in Qingdao, showcases several notable elements, including its unique iris petal exterior design that provides excellent passive design features. These features create shade, keeping the building cooler during summer months, and reducing reliance on air conditioning. The project will also have 39% of its land covered by vegetation, minimizing the heat island effect. The glazed façade is carefully designed to optimize light transmittance (LT) for daylighting while minimizing heat gains through the appropriate Solar Heat Gain Factor (SHGC) selection during the design process. 

At NXpark, we are committed to our overarching goals of decarbonizing the built environment, developing climate-resilient buildings, and creating better-performing industrial facilities. The successful HQE pre-assessment of these two projects represents our unwavering dedication to realizing these objectives. As we move forward, we will continue to collaborate with partners like Aden Energy, Akila digital twin, the Engineering division, and TERAO to ensure the highest standards of sustainability and environmental responsibility in our projects.