Meet Deju Shao: reinventing construction &  building efficiency

Oct 12, 2023

In the effort to reinvent and decarbonize industrial real estate, construction is absolutely central – this is not least because each year, construction creates 1/3 of the world’s waste and 13% of global carbon emissions, while also ranking as one of the 3 least digitalized industries.   

NXpark is dedicated to complete digitalization and decarbonization of industrial properties, with a digital-based approach to construction. One of the leaders in this is Shao Deju, Construction Director for NXpark by Aden.  

How would you describe your role at NXpark by Aden? 

I oversee the Engineering Division at NXpark, which includes engineering managers and project managers in many cities and project sites. My involvement begins post-project initiation, covering everything from design, tendering, construction, handover, to post-project evaluations. I conduct comprehensive analysis and assessments of the project’s technical, economic, resource, and environmental conditions to ensure alignment with NXpark’s vision for new industrial infrastructure. And, of course we also lock in the usual client requirements, ensuring project timelines and quality are top-notch, and achieving expected functionality while meeting return on investment targets. 

What attracted you to join NXpark? 

Well, having been in the construction sector for nearly three decades, I’ve witnessed a lot of evolution, a lot of opportunities and a lot of challenges.  Quite simply, I see NXpark as having a very forward-looking approach to the industry – and this is the approach that is needed in a time with more environmental and business pressures than ever before. I remember from my early years, noticing how even a mundane task like bricklaying could yield very different outcomes depending on the methodology and approach. With NXpark, the approach to digitalization, efficiency and quality really does set them apart in a field that has vast prospects. So, I feel very proud to join NXpark as a veteran in the real estate industry and become part of this new journey. 

What challenges do you face in your work? 

There is so much complexity – high technical requirements, significant industrial integration, tight schedules, and balancing building specifications with economic performance. This is a place where bringing in digitalization through our platform really makes a difference. It helps us address these challenges and get even more focus on the fundamentals of task management and time planning. Tasks are categorized and prioritized, ensuring crucial ones are promptly addressed. Proper workday structuring enhances efficiency and elevates task completion rates.  

Technology and innovation play pivotal roles in modern engineering. How do you harmonize traditional building methods with future innovations? 

Firstly, the project team plans efficient energy and resource management, ensuring long-term sustainability is considered during construction. Secondly, by leveraging the digital twin platform Akila, we attain more accurate supply and material forecasting, minimizing waste and forming an optimized construction timetable, project management, and collaborative methods. Finally, by using BIM as a foundation for the digital twin, NXpark can harness the full potential of its assets, enhancing decision-making and elevating operational efficiency and agility throughout the building lifecycle. 

With increasingly stringent environmental regulations and the demand for sustainability, how does your team promote environmental protection and sustainability in engineering projects? 

We’ve always championed eco-friendliness and sustainability as core company values. This is realized through thoughtful design and digitization. For instance, using renewable energy sources like solar photovoltaic combined with energy storage technologies facilitates efficient lighting. Akila aids in optimizing coolers and boilers of key HVAC equipment. Concerning construction materials, we prioritize eco-friendliness and sustainability, employing SCS-certified recycled steel to meet demands for sustainable industry. 

What’s your outlook on the future trends in the industry? 

In modern factories, concepts like “industry moving upwards” and “green cities” are transformative trends, and will be add up to a transformation of the whole industrial construction sector. What we are now seeing through NXpark’s work is that green construction and highly digitalized and sustainable industrial properties are not science fiction but an achievable reality. I’m proud that NXpark is taking such a lead position in the new wave of construction and properties, with all the right priorities: conserving resources, reducing costs and carbon emissions, and aspiring to be the foremost brand in the realm of new industrial infrastructure.