NXpark earns SCS certification for +40% use of recycled steel in Xi’an project 

Jun 14, 2023

NXpark is proud to announce that it has been awarded the SCS Recycled Content Certification for the Forvia Faurecia project in Xi’an, a testament to our commitment to sustainable development and our innovative use of recycled materials. 

For our Xi’an project, we have used recycled steel that meets the SCS Recycled Content Standard V7-0 for a Minimum 40% Post-Consumer Recycled Steel Content. Recycled steel is a crucial element of low-carbon buildings. It not only reduces the demand for new iron ore extraction, thereby saving energy and reducing carbon emissions, but also minimizes waste going to landfill and supports a circular economy. 

Scientific Certification Systems (SCS) is a globally recognized body that provides independent certification of environmental, sustainability, and food quality claims. The SCS Recycled Steel Certification is a stringent process that verifies the use of recycled steel in construction projects. It involves a thorough audit of the supply chain, ensuring that the steel used is truly recycled and meets the highest standards of sustainability. 

Our decision to use recycled steel is a reflection of our dedication to environmental protection. At NXpark, we are committed to building smart industrial parks that are as green as they are advanced. We recognize the impact of our decisions on the environment, and we are dedicated to making choices that contribute to its protection and preservation.

The SCS Recycled Steel Certification is a clear demonstration of NXpark’s commitment to sustainable industrial park development. We will continue to seek out innovative and recycled materials for our projects, as part of our strategy to promote low carbon, sustainable development, environmental protection, and energy saving. We are committed to creating a better future through responsible actions today, and we believe that our commitment to sustainability is a vital part of that mission.